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This is a full reflection of an arts based, AIDS intervention for Aboriginal Women living with HIV/AIDS.
Rooted in cultural safety, knowledge and practice, Visioning Health I (VHI) showed how Aboriginal Women can lead, elevate community ownership and establish self-determination.

Visioning Health

A Moment of Silence

Before we begin our work in a good way, we take a moment to remember. We remember that we are fragile and Important. We remember that we have lost dear warriors along the journey in Visioning Health, but we don’t despair. We honour their lives, by living ours and thank them for the gifts given to us in their life. We celebrate the laughter and tears. We remember they are gone, but we are still here.


Blog posts, articles and news

  • I have been able to witness the transformative impact of simply embracing the process as it unfolds and being open to how spirit makes what needs to happen…happen… once we get out of our own way.

  • The best part is that I met the best women of all and I’m proud to have touched lives the way you have touched mine.

  • When you live, live your life to the fullest – because when you’re gone, you’re gone. Life is the most beautiful thing I think.

  • As women we have done so much healing that rarely gets recognized or acknowledged even within ourselves.